American Gold Star Manor Housing Assistance Grant FAQ

Updated November 2022

Q: What is the american gold star manor housing Assistance grant?

The American Gold Star Manor Housing Assistance Grant provides funds for rental and mortgage payments to low-income Gold Star Parents across the United States of America.

Q: how much is the grant award?

The award covers three months of rent or mortgage payments, not to exceed $5,000.

Q: when is the deadline to apply?

The American Gold Star Manor Housing Assistance Grant will remain open from January 1st until December 31st each year or until funds are exhausted. If funds are exhausted, the application will be disabled on the website and any applicants who have applied but not yet received a determination will be notified. 

Q: how can i apply?

An online application is available on the Manor website on the Housing Assistance Grant webpage. 

Paper applications are available upon request. Please call the office at 562-426-7561 to request a paper application to be mailed to you. 

Q: who is eligible?

In general, applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for Grant funds:

1. Gold Star parent status

2. Low-income household/family. For the purpose of this grant, we are defining low income as any family or household with a combined income of no more than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. Total household assets must be below $70,000.

For 2024, the total household income limits are:

  • for a household with 1 family member total income must not exceed $45,180
  • for a household with 2 family members total income must not exceed $61,320
  • for a household with 3 family members total income must not exceed $77,460
  • for a household with 4 family members total income must not exceed $93,600
  • for a household with 5 family members total income must not exceed $109,740
  • Each additional family member increases the maximum allowed income for the household by $16,140 

3. Be experiencing some type of hardship or emergency (including recent job loss, illness, housing instability, etc.)

4. Grants are limited to one per household per calendar year. Applicants are ineligible if they have received the Grant three consecutive times previously.

5. Cannot be a board member, foundation manager or substantial contributor to AGSM or a family member of a board member, foundation manager, or substantial contributor of AGSM

Q: what documentation do I need to apply?

The applicant will be required to provide proof of eligibility by submitting supporting documentation, which may include:

·         A DD Form 1300, DD Form 2064, or other documents demonstrating death was related to military service. 

·         Proof of identity such as a state issued Identification Card or Driver’s License. 

·         Income and asset information which may include copies of wages, salaries, alimony, child support, bank statements, investments, Social Security, AFDC, or other benefits.

·         Document showing financial obligation for housing costs such as current mortgage statement or copy of lease showing rent amount.

·         Previous award dates, if applicable.

·         Narrative of hardship with relevant attachments. For example: lease, mortgage, foreclosure, demands, notice of defaults, eviction documents and the like.

Q: if I am awarded the grant, will i receive the grant funds directly?

We will work directly with your landlord or mortgage lender to ensure that the grant funds are used to cover rent or mortgage payments for the time period and in the amount specified in an awardee’s Notice of Award letter.

Q: How will my application be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated as they are received. They will be awarded based on financial need, as determined by level of income.

Q: What if I need help filling out the application? Who can I call with questions?

If you need any help filling out the application, or if you have any questions about the program, please contact the American Gold Star Manor office at (562) 426-7651.